Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hive progress

My bees are getting feisty! I no more than opened the hive than one of them stung my little picture taker. So no pics of the frames or capped brood this time. I left the inner cover off and took care of the sting. I decided that maybe it was time to fire up the smoker. I got it put together and read the instructions. I got it let and went back outside. I didn't have time to let it really get smoking but it was enough to get done what I needed to do.
There was one frame that had just hatched and been cleaned ready for more brood or honey. There was one frame that was PERFECT! Capped honey at the top, pollen in the middle and capped brood in the bottom. Way to go girls! now if they would just quit messing around with that burr comb and draw out the rest of the frames. I am almost certain I won't have enough honey to harvest this year, I may even have to feed my bees through the winter.
I cut off all of the burr comb and put it in a container so I could take it in the house. I had a friend over who was thinking about getting a hive next year. I took her some of the honey filled comb to try. The first thing out of her mouth (once she had gotten around the sticky honey) was "It's WARM!" I gave her the first taste, I had not ever tried it.
I actually got a look at my queen today too, she was busy going from cell to cell laying eggs. I was pretty excited to see her, I knew she was there because I was finding brood, but I had not ever actually seen her after putting her in the hive for the first time.
I got the hive all cleaned up and put back together and took all of my gear off. I immediatly dug into the comb I had cut off and bit into the richest honey I have ever tasted! It was incredibly sweet. At lease twice as sweet as store bought honey.

There was more than that in the jar, but by the time I got around to taking a picture, I had eaten about half of it! My allergies had been kicking my butt all day, but now my head is clear and I feel pretty good! Local honey rocks!

(You can't tell I am excited, can you?)


  1. Any advice on where to get a frame and accessories online? My wife's allergies have gotten so bad that she is actually entertaining the idea of letting me get a hive for next year.

    Any advice you can pass along would be greatly helpful. And you can send some produce my way if you want. I'll send potatoes.

  2. As far as frames and accessories, it depends on where you live. I got mine from Rossman apiaries in Georgia. That's where my bees came from too. I wasn't very happy with the quality of the hive kit, the wood was split and in very bad shape. Jones Bees in Utah has all of the hives and accossories, I don't know how they are as far as quality or customer service.
    If you have any wood working skills, I would honestly recommend making your own. The book I got (beekeeping for dummies, this book is a MUST!), has detailed plans for making your own hive. You would only need accessories and frames and foundation.
    Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions. I may not have an answer, but I can probably find one for you :)

  3. Since I started harvesting this year my son has been taking about a teaspoon or more of our honey a day and his zyrtek use has fallen to zero.

    So I am a believer that's for sure.

    Glad to see your girls are coming along!!!

  4. Gracie, my email is holden@zydecoranch.com. I'm in south Colorado, and have read a few books on apiaries. I just need to make the room for more books between all the chicken and goat rearin' books. My wood skills wouldn't help me much, but I would like to build my own hives in the future, but buy my first one to make sure I'm successful the first year (or two).

  5. Good for you!

    We're looking for a couple-hundred acres south of the Red River to build our hangar-home on and private grass runways.

    Part of the plan is to have a bee colony on the EDGE of the land. . .

    Honey and cinnamon are excellent for you and for a variety of what ails you.

    If only it cured us of Obama and Washington. . .


  6. Lol AOA it would be nice if a dab of honey righted the government. If anyone can get it close it would be Gracie!

  7. Mudbug, Do a google search and see if there are any apiaries near you that sell hives and equipment. If I were to order another one, I would want to see one that someone else had ordered first. Don't get me wrong, it works and it was easy to assemble, I just wish the quality had been better. I have two bee books but pretty much all of the information you need is in the beekeeping for dummies book. It is also a very interesting read. I highly recommend it to anyone who is even thinking of becoming a beekeeper.
    AOA, My hive is only 30 feet or so from my back door. I have only seen one bee in the house. She was docile enough that my nine year old son let her crawl into his finger and casually walked out the door to let her fly away. As long as I am not bothering their hive, they ignore me and go about their business. I have always been one of those people who would stay as far from bees as I could but now I will approach my bees when they are out foraging and even pet them if they hold still long enough. I have been amazed at how gentle they really are.

  8. I get wild honey from a local farmer and use it in a lot of the Home on the Range recipes. I also use it on my skin as a mask, then rinse.

    Great stuff.


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