Friday, August 12, 2011

Bee update

I opened the hive today, and boy those bees were PISSED. I was smoking the bees, I was smoking myself to keep the bees off, I was smoking the air around me hoping to clear them enough that I could see what I was doing. They were quickly running out of room so I stopped smoking long enough to run to the garage and grab another super to add to the hive. I got it all in place and left the girls to explore. (Just realized I have not seen any drones in a long while, weird). Now that the smoke has cleared (pun intended, lol) the hive seems more calm than it has been in weeks. I think the girls are all busy inside making sure everything is ok and checking out the new digs. Hopefully that will settle them down a little and give them something to do besides harass us and the neighbors.


  1. I have noticed anytime I break open the brood chamber the girls just get pissed bad. Smoke or no smoke. They will sometimes seek me out days afterward and headbutt me or even just sting my face. One reason I finally limited the hives next to the house to two and have been taking my extras to the outter apiary. If you are in a dearth they maybe pushing the drones out to starve as well.

  2. Glad you got it done, and I hope with no stings!

  3. Being stung in the face, or elsewhere, would rapidly diminish my ardor for bee keeping!


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