Friday, August 5, 2011

flowers bees like

I was soooo concerned about planting flowers that bees liked this spring. I only got a few reported favorites and figured I could add more next year. I might as well not bother. The bees like the microscopic flowers on trees that I never knew had flowers. They like the tiny blossoms on my Virginia creeper. They like the blossoms on the weeds. They are not interested in my poppies. They are not interested in my columbine. They are not interested in my irises, my lilies, my lupine, my lavender, or anything else that I purposely planted for them. They DO however love the lambs ear that plagues my yard. This invasive flower has taken over every flower bed along with certain parts of my lawn. My bees are ALL OVER IT. They love it and it blossoms forever. Who knew?


  1. Well, it's like my grandma used to say. There's a purpose for everything in creation.

  2. I get quite a few bees on my marjoram and especially on my mint plants; at times the bees get so heavy on the mint that they bow the plants over.

  3. Plant some blazing star liatis (Sp?) and alot of oragano and cucumbers. Your bees will be all over them depending on your other flow dates. The key is to find filler plants that attract bees in between the bloom dates of your local flora. Also different times during the day. The Liatris was more of an afternoon plant while the cucumbers attracted more in the mornings.

  4. Doesn't it just figure :-) Ya just can't win anymore!!!

  5. I took an amazing pic I am going to share in a later post of a bee trying to clean an abundance of pollen off of her. It almost looked like she crawled into a blossom on my squash plant and had a near drowning experience, lol. It was too much of a good thing. She was so weighed down, she could barely fly.


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