Thursday, August 4, 2011

Twitchy update

Can you guess which one is Twitchy? No? She's the little black one in the front. I can always tell which one she is because she is still smaller than the rest, her tail is always down and she doesn't hold her head as high as the others. Besides those things, she is absolutely normal. When I told her story to the lady at the feed store where I bought her, I was offered a job, lol. She was amazed that Twitchy lived through her attack and that I actually put the effort in to save her. I just hope she can bulk up enough to make it through the winter.


  1. In 1999 I got two roosters and three hens from a friend. They were English fighting chickens, as they are known here, because cock fighting is a big thing in the mountains. I don't participate and I wanted my chickens for eggs and meat. A few years later, the flock had grown and I had about 20 chickens. One day, out of the forest , came a little black hen. This was a mystery to me because I could not imagine how she made her way here, and from where. My kids named her "Babba Cwunch", I have no idea why. Babba lived with us for many years, and today I still occasionally see a black chick hatch out. It was actually a good thing for us, because the pure bred fighting chickens were not good layers and could be dangerous if you were not paying attention. The smaller, rounder chickens we have as a result of Babba being injected into the blood line of the flock are easier to care for and less frenetic.

  2. NFO, thanks.

    Hermit, my black chicks are black australorpes. Basically a black Austrailian version of the orpingtons. A black australorp holds the world record for laying 364 eggs in 365 days. Hoping this will boost our egg production, this year has been hard on my flock.


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