Thursday, August 4, 2011

Teenage girls and car shopping.

Can any activity be more futile? I won't even go into little Monkey and her still nutty sleep patterns!


  1. I wouldn't touch that question with a ten foot pole.

  2. Ooooohhhhh, yeaaaahhhhh.

    Been there, done that--just last year to the month.

    Adopted teenage daughter decided she wanted a "newer" car (translation: ANY car that wasn't mine or my wife's). She'd just started her new job, had been on it two months, so guess who had to sign for the loan?

    She did her homework though, which I insisted upon. She read through stacks of JD Powers and Motor Trend and Consumer Reports articles.

    I explained to her that the monthly loan payment was the easy part--there would be new tires to buy, brakes to replace, etc etc.

    Tires are cheaper for a compact car than they are for my big Ford F350. So are brakes.

    She found a really nice 2007 Ford Focus--a car JD Powers is in love with. I like them, too. Bullet-proof cars. Safe, economical, reliable, easy to work on, affordable, hold their value.

    You'll get through it. My advice? Make your daughter do a LOT of homework, and have her choose the car she NEEDS, not the one she wants.


  3. She is my niece though I love her madly. She reminds me a lot of myself at that age. My brother-in-law is steering her to the right cars. Luckily he and my husband are very mechanical so she knows to trust them though I had to explain "frame damage " as your skeleton being broken and unfixable to help her get it. LOL she is so wrapped up in the search that she is not thinking other stuff.

  4. Not EVEN going there... been through that twice... now have NO hair...

  5. I am loosing hair too! This has me convinced when our own girls hit the age we will just do it behind their back and surprise them. Ugggg.....


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