Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our favorite famale survivalist has a fiction book on Amazon!!

Brawny finished her book. I have to admit to some major pride despite having done not a thing but cheer her on. I love seeing someone do something amazing and she has done that. She has done that in a much more courageous way than I. So go to Amazon and download her Kindle ebook A Measured Response (End Of Days). Survival, apocalypse, battles, danger. You know you want to!!


  1. I saw that. I don't have a kindle but I thought I'd use that on line thing to buy a copy and check it out.

  2. Is it in book form? Like Arsenius I don't own a Kindle, yet. Think of me as an analog guy in a digital world.

  3. As far as I know it is only ebook. I have nook but I don't know that I can get it. I may have to take the same route you do Hermit. It can be read on your comp Stephen with a free download. They have a link for it on her sales page.

  4. I know huh? So very awesome!!


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