Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Onion say huh??

I know that The Onion is very often beyond sarcastic. Some of their humor I enjoy some I look at and feel like I missed a joke and some I just sit back and go "Huh?" The post of the young farmers son begging the country to stop trying to save small family farms because he really didn't want to work hard for little reward made me giggle a bit I admit. I can see a rebellious teen thinking some of those things. The article on publicists agreeing that celebrities were not famous enough got an eye roll. This one made me fell into the final group of "Huh?" responses. Paypal Founder To Create Island. Island nations for the Libertarian crazies. Guns left in a pile in the middle, A non-functioning but symbolic debt count of 0, and every so often an arbitrary tax on the entire population to get riled up about and make life meaningful. Ooooookkkkkaaaayyyyy...........

Yes I did my research and know that this is an actual plan. Or some of it is like the island nation with looser gun regs and less government input. Good on you.

My issue with The Onion thing is that it makes it seem like Libertarian = dumb hillbilly gun loving illiterate. Not really humorous like they are known to be but more a way to make anyone who even thinks along libertarian lines look stupid.

As too the plan itself. Nifty idea in concept but when you are creating a floating environment like this i just see issues from a basic living standpoint. Islands are great, even tiny ones, but you aren't worried the thing is going to sink due to human error. Add that is is a little hard to practice certain skills that a lot of us enjoy on a manufactured island with no minimum wage and I see disaster. Anybody remember Waterworld?


  1. I often get a kick out of The Onion too, but I go into overload pretty quickly. I can live with it's liberal bias, but from a humor standpoint, it's missing out on a LOT of material.

  2. Suz I know what you mean about overload. I only read maybe 1 out of 10 stories these days. They get snarkier the closer to election time we hit.


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