Thursday, August 4, 2011

Heck to the yeah!

If you have read our blog long or read previous post or even just know me you know that one thing that absolutely gets me livid are crimes against children. I go all Wild West justice and honestly want to tar them myself. These thoughts have put a huge gap between my little brother and I because he is against the death penalty where I think that sex assault of a child, murder of a child, kidnapping of a child. Any crime that is done with the intent of harming a child should be a death penalty offense. Yeah that is harsh. It is brutal and I am sure some people think I am way too extreme in that thought but I have seen too many walk after their 7 years and then rape and kill a child because the anticipation built so much. One person that fires me up is Warren Jeffs. Having spent quite a few years in Utah and having become LDS you learn about the FLDS. I am the first to say "Live and let live." I may think the idea of sharing my husband is crazy but it's not my place to say. However when making a girl a bride at 12 or making an underaged girl marry her cousin comes up I want to punch someone. Anyway Jeffs' trial in Texas has been going on and he decided to represent himself. His defense: Everything I do is protected by my constitutional right to freedom of religion. If you speak against me you are a blasphemer and are going against God. He came off as a wingbat. Luckily the freedom of religion he tried to claim did not trump the rights of the girls he victimized and today he was found guilty. I hope the book is thrown at him. A Texas prison as a pedophile will be exactly what he needs.


  1. My feelings about pedophiles is that they should be thrown in prison for life. Let the prison population do with them what they want.

  2. I can agree with that. I think these easy sentences of just a few years are disgusting. I hate seeing stories about hurt kids. They destroy me. We are supposed to treasure and protect and love every child. My mom recently had a case where the organization she works with had a 2 year old boy who had spent his entire life confined to a closet. He was having a hard time getting placed because he was so hyperactive with the freedom of being out of his closet. Made me want to scoop him up and keep him close and let him run free all at the same time.

  3. In Texas, we don't cotton to "chesters" (Chester the child molester) and this nutjob on trial has raised the ire of many a West Texan.

    I have no doubt the ACLU will come racing to his defense, but in the meanwhile, he'll be in a prison--and in prison society, a child-molester is the lowest of the low.

    Their life expectancy once out of isolation is less than ten months, on average.

    For me, that's ten months too long.

    It's a damn shame that our convicted felons and prisoners have to do the job our government "system of justice" doesn't have the cajones or stomach to do. . .


  4. I agree with Bob G... period end of subject...

  5. Honestly I think Utah knew Texas would convict and Texas prison would not be a cake walk and that is why they were happy to wash their hands of him.

  6. I don't think polygamy is a bad thing if that's what people want to do. I don't really understand how they make it work, though, because it would seem to me that jealousy would tear a family of that composition to pieces. Be that as it may, there are certain standards of decency concerning the age at which people are ready to marry and any religion should respect those. One of the things I detest about Islam is their penchant for marrying off 9 year olds to old goats. Their practice of murdering their daughters for wearing lipstick or jeans isn't conducive to tolerance for their religion either.

  7. Hermit that is something we agree on. I think no child should be married. They are too young to know what that means not to mention the abuse that often comes with such a marriage. Children need to be children and feel safe and loved. They are not a commodity to trade to the highest bidder or to the person most likely to advance your own life.

  8. I read When Men Become Gods several years ago when it was first published. I am SO glad to see that he is finally being sentenced. Nothing could be too strong a punishment for that kind of evil.


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