Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Store design ideas?

So some of you know I have a cafepress store. Right now it is a bit boring. Mostly work related designs. I want to expand that obviously. It is the Blue Collar Boutique after all so I want it to have designs for life, it does but not many. I want a lot of designs aimed more towards this aspect of my life. Shooting, survival, planning, and the evil zombie apocalypse for good measure hehehe. So any ideas? Something you guys would love to see on a shirt or mug or something but have never been able to find? I have a file of sayings and such to put up but none really centered on this type of thing. As long as it is not a trademarked phrase or copywrited body of work and the like I can design it.

I am open to ideas!!


  1. You are welcome to steal stuff from me, if anything inspires you. Just let me know.

  2. Well thank you! I may be dreaming big but I think my series is going to spawn some fun sayings and ideas and the cool thing is I will own those copyrights. You've helped with that a bunch!

  3. How about Betty Page. I'm still a fan of hers. Of course, I guess not many would know her today. Maybe you could have an "old guy" section of your store.

  4. As gorgeous as she is I can't use an image unless I own the rights to it or create it or have permission. She has merchandise out all about her though. Don't know how much guy stuff is there though, lol!

  5. Hi Lila,
    I'm an artist and for years I did a whole series on black bears. I did black and white prints, sort of whimsical themes, I did a furniture painting, canvas floor mats, and canvases.
    Once you get your "theme" just run with it. I did black bears because of all the tourists we get up here from Atlanta, Florida, etc. The bears seemed to be what they expected, cuddly,non threatening.
    Rattlesnakes would have not been too good, see what I'm saying

    Now for you, I'd figure out who I was trying to reach, maybe a rattler would be Perfect. Email me if you want to do more brainstorming!


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