Sunday, August 7, 2011

Got a much needed date!!

Hubby took me out yesterday. I actually felt pretty bad about it at first. He was at work and I was at Wallyworld when the idea popped into my head to ask for a date. I gave him an out because he has been working some major hours 6 days a week since July 4th. He then told me he had already planned to do something with his brother but that he would rather go with me. So brother who was in a really bad mood after getting another bill from the lawyers over the custody battle and a week of failed car shopping for his teenage daughter babysat so we could go out. I felt horrible for that at first because I hate when it feels like Hubby has to choose and BIL needed the time away too. I know I come first so I try not to put him in a spot where that puts him in an uncomfortable situation. To make it up though I told him to go shooting today for as long as he wants with his brother. Once that was said my guilt was eased and I settled into our date. We went and saw the new Transformers movie. I love a good action movie and it did not disappoint. Things moved fast and I loved seeing the different transformers. Of course my brother watched the cartoon as a kid so i used him as an excuse to watch too. Yes my geeky ways are showing through. We were at a casino an decided to play a little on the slots and won just enough to cover our movie. We called that good and left. We are definitely not gamblers. Seeing some of those people playing the $25 minimum tables and the $1 slots like it was water was just weird. Neither of us is one to play big. I can't even imagine how the big Las Vegas tables do things and the people who play them just blow my mind. I think of a few hundred dollars and all the needs I could fill. A few thousand or even a million? Wow. Anyway it was a much needed break from mommyhood and a great time with the love of my life. I feel a lot better now and more open to some things I was resisting.


  1. you need to do that from time to time. Everybody needs a break. My brother likes casinos because he likes the Russian girls who bring the drinks. They like him, too. He's a big tipper!

  2. We have family who have more fun there too. We are non-drinkers so it is fun just to people watch.


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