Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where's the gun? - Southern Nevada Style

Inspired by Weerd Beard and his "Gun Death" pieces I decided to do some here but mine are going to just be stories from southern Nevada. Help people see how even a small area can be full of violent non-gun violence against each other. I could go back and do some of the major cases since we have been here but I like keeping my lunch. Of course this first one is not exactly good at keeping the food down.

Investigators say godmother beat baby with metal pipe:

Investigators are revealing new information on how 14-month-old Dyon Johnson was allegedly abused and murdered by her godmother, Mariann Harris.
Southern California authorities booked 23-year-old Harris on a fugitive warrant late Wednesday night after Harris fled Las Vegas for a relative's home in Victorville, Calif.
After the baby's August 12 death, there was speculation about how the infant suffered the blunt force trauma that caused her death.
Investigators now say they believe it had nothing to do with a fall, but rather a metal bar that Harris used to strike the little girl.
According to court documents, the paramedics that arrived to Harris' apartment home noticed the child was cold, had glossy eyes, and had probably been dead for some time. Once at the hospital, doctors noticed Dyon was covered in bruises around her face, head and collar bone.

Disgusting nasty woman. I am so glad she was caught despite running. Of course this isn't a death to rally against though right because it isn't violent enough? Please people. The filth of humanity is going to find a way with or without a gun. I know many laugh at the saying but face the facts- Guns do NOT kill people, PEOPLE kill people and will continue to do so no matter what laws you put in place.A  criminal is labeled that for the pure and simple fact they have no regard for law!


  1. "But don't you see, if we didn't have such strict gun laws, the momma would have used a gun on the baby. Since you mention guns, we need to make them even harder to get so when this happens again, you won't talk about guns. Now excuse me while I start my grass-roots letter writing campaign to get rid of metal pipes. Because you know anyone can get them and they lead to deaths..."

  2. Sigh... Yep, the left WILL have a way to twist this to be about guns...

  3. Lord help us all...what has become of our world when a so called grandmother beats a child to death with a pipe. Of course they'll make it a guns fault.

  4. Of course I am sure that this can be traced back to government and welfare handouts. Lack of education and morals.


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