Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Garden update

I went out of town for a week and my garden went CRAZY! My pumpkin plant has probably eight little pumpkins, this one is the biggest.

I have four or five little tiny watermelons.

Three deformed peppers, all on one plant.

Three of my sunflowers blossomed overnight. I will get better pics later.

My potatoes grew enough that it is time to add another box to the top. I couldn't get any closer because the bees get pretty pissed off when we mess with anything in the vicinity of their hive.

And I saved the best for last. This is my crazy, fast growing, gigantic tomato plant. All of my tomato plants have several green tomatoes on them but this particular plant just exploded. It is the same type of tomato, it gets the same amount of sun and water, but for some reason it is over twice the size of the other plants.

My corn is doing well but the wind keeps knocking the stalks down. I am going to build up the rows with more dirt tomorrow.
One of my chickens got out of the pen and made a dust bed in my new radishes and ate quite a bit of my lettuce and swiss chard. She's lucky she's one of my best layers or she might have ended up as soup. If she doesn't stay in the chicken pen, she will have to live in the empty dog run until after the harvest. My peas and beans doubled in size while I was gone and my onions are starting to blossom. (Do they need to be harvested before they do that?)
My carrots are almost big enough to start eating and my Jerusalem artichoke is getting a little bit taller.


  1. Very nice; here in Salt Lake we had a long spring and a wet summer (we're not used to it raining between June and November), so everyone's garden is running quite late.

  2. You have some great looking plants!

  3. Those look GOOD, when's dinner? :-)

  4. Thanks everyone!

    BobG, I live just west of you, we get the same weather you do just a day earlier. We turned each raised bed into a miniature greenhouse so we were able to get started earlier than most people.

    NFO, we eat something from the garden every night!

  5. Nice looking plants.

    Here in Texas, only way we can water our plants is to sweat on them.

    Saves you from having to add salt to your watermelon and tomatoes.



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