Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yay!!! Writing is going great!

So I have now got 63,456 words edited on my book. I have 4 chapters left to go and then it is done. Yay. I put up the first 10 chapters of the new version on my website here if anyone cares to read it. Yes it is romantic suspense but I am pretty darn proud of it. I know some of you read the old version posted there. That was easily 5 years old. I think the new version shows where my writing growth has come in and where my own personal confidence is coming in as well.

Now to decide if I want to try an find an agent again as soon as this book is done or if I wait and submit after I get my other completed book finished. Or even further do I get the two books floating in my head finished as well first. I plan to do that by the end of the year, February at the latest. If I have all 4 that shows all of my genres and my writing depth to it's fullest I guess. Hmmmm...... so many decisions.


  1. You should go ahead and get it published. If it is a romantic suspense novel my wife will buy it.

  2. I saw your post this morning and I've been reading through your chapters between phone calls ever since then. I enjoyed it. Want to share more? This girl needs conclusion!

  3. Good for you! Hard word DOES pay dividends!!! :-)

  4. Thanks for the support y'all! I worry if I push to find an agent now without having work from my other genres that I won't be able to publish them or have someone who can cover my various avenues. Does that make sense? I don't know. I don't know anyone who crosses genres this way. Each one has different audiences. It is confusing. Plus if I contract with someone who can't cover my other work am I free to find someone who can or do I have to wait?

    Barefeet cross your fingers that it gets published soon lol. I am glad you like it though!


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