Sunday, August 14, 2011

Can't send them to the gun store!

Yesterday was Nephew's 13th birthday. Poor kid has had some bum luck.

Our original plan had been to make the drive to Utah and go to a county fair with family. J.W. and I take our girls every year and love it. The day starts with a lunch of fair food. You can't be at a fair without fair food. Then we visit all the exhibits and animals. Once the carnival opens we do that for a while. Then the fun. Demolition Derby. This is very much a highlight of the year for the county and it often sells out and is a major thing. We love it!

Plans were dashed. Tuesday we found out J.W. was going to have to work through the weekend making it impossible for him to attend. Then Wednesday Nephew was biking to his friends house and completely tanked it. I mean absolute road rash deluxe. He looks like he was ran over. I guess he was crossing the street behind a car when the car braked suddenly. He swerved and tried to jump onto the curb but his back weighed enough that he hit the curb, flipped over his handlebars and then ran himself over with his bike. His face and chest hit the pavement and then his bike tires hit his back. His chest and face are tore up. He almost bit through his lip. He bruised his ribs. He is lucky his nose didn't break. He is lucky nothing broke honestly. But his injuries meant there was no way he was up for traveling. I was going to take my girls alone but my FMS flared and the thought of fighting a toddler in a fair alone just did not sound fun. Soooooo we changed plans.

Friday we ordered dinner in. Nephew ordered Seafood Linguine. He was thrilled. We also had Cold Stone Ice Cream Cupcakes for dessert. Saturday hubby got off of work early due to monsoon conditions. Lightning and welding are not a good mix and he was on his giant metal machine so danger was a bit high. Add not being able to actually weld from the rain and he came home. So the male contingent went to the gun store. Ugggg......... We got ammo. Always good. BIL bought himself a new toy. LMAO. Poor nephew got ammo. He was feeling picked on despite a pretty awesome knife as a present that morning. His dad buy a gun and he get bullets on his birthday, the horror. Then I show up right before dinner with the girls and a pair of guinea pigs plus cage for them. Yet another cool thing bought on his birthday not for him. On top of that we discover he is allergic to the new additions as he puffs up like a balloon. Poor kid. At least we got him an ice cream cake right?

To try to make up for it the male half went shooting this morning. Hopefully that helps him feel better, lol.

Kidding aside I think he was very happy with his gifts. He received a Judge of his own and the ammo of varying types that it uses, a very nice bike that can be used for trick riding, multiple knives, and some cash to spend as he likes. The kid has a knife collection many would envy and stores it in several suitcases. He has his own rifle but this is his first handgun and he is loving it. He received it early but it was a birthday gift. He is a pretty amazing kid. Even when his mom called against his wishes he handled it with an amazing air of maturity and wisdom. He can drive me batty and I told him if he lets real teendom go to his head I'll beat him but honestly the kid is fabulous. I just need to remember not to send him to the gun store with the menfolk on his birthday next time.


  1. Sounds like he 'needed' a break :-)

  2. That sounds like a pretty typical family birthday thing except for the horrific bike accident. I wouldn't wish that on anybody but it sounds like he didn't get any permanent damage. You are doing a good job of merging everybody into a functional family.

  3. Hehehe. He needed a break. Just maybe not the breaks he has been getting. Kid came home limping. I told the men i will be in charge of the next birthday. Of course the next birthday is mine so I was vetoed but still. LOL. I think we do okay with the merging. We had a nice fight/talk last week where hopefully the teens realized some things they needed to realize. We will see I guess.


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