Sunday, August 21, 2011

Revolver or rifle? How about both?

Yup how about both? I recently posted that my BIL bought a gun. Not just any gun. He bought a Circuit Judge made by Taurus. Yeah honestly I think the idea of a revolver in a rifle just fascinated that kid in side as it really serves no purpose to expand the list of protection weapons. Will it kill a bad guy? I am sure. Shooting 410/45 Colt rounds can do that. But it isn't very practical. Of course BIL is far ahead of us in his stash so practical isn't always the top thing in his mind, haha. He is in love. I think it is funny how he and J.W. both look like little boys in a candy store. I swear they might actually be worse than that. It is cute. They hope to go and play with it next weekend. This weekend he is playing with it by scoping it and getting it just right with a sling and all. I swear if he won the lottery he might not notice.


  1. I have a friend that has always wanted a revolver carbine. It's the same with most of us. Cover all of your basic needs then stuff just for fun.

  2. Hey everybody needs some fun. My fun is books. Hubby bought me an ereader because I buy too many and we move so often due to work that hauling my books gets annoying. I am behind the fun.

  3. Boys(and now girls) and their toys... :-)


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