Friday, August 26, 2011

Shotgun shopping as a woman is suspicious??

Luckily my very hot other half does not read blogs so I can vent a bit. We, like most of us who are preparing for a bleaker future, have a list of things we wish to acquire. We have several rifles. We each have a handgun we thoroughly enjoy. With my darlings birthday around the corner I decided to start on the shotgun list. Our guns, our home, our list. The first shotgun honestly is more mine than his in the sense that it will be an aid in home protection on top of my 9mm and I am the one home more often but I know he will get a kick out of the purchase. Anyway, so really doesn't matter who buys it to us as they are ours. Blah.

So I went to a nearby sporting goods store. They had the lowest price. My brother in law put in some money since I was buying it earlier than expected. He helped me figure out exactly what 12 gauge we wanted because since I am still learning and we have never had one it is Greek to me. I walked in and made my request. Mossberg 500 12 Gauge with a 28" barrel. Well the guy and the female clerk he was flirting with (both Hispanic, maybe it was because I was a scary white chick?) perk up and he asks what model. I then say, "Umm.... Let me look at his text." (BIL had sent me a text days earlier helping me to know what to price search) Guy goes all weird and says, "I am sorry we are out, I can't sell to you." I respond, "Which is it? You don't have one or you can't sell to me?" He then proceeds to tell me to leave and that my looking at a text message from someone out of the store indicates to him that I am purchasing the gun for someone else and thus trying to buy and then pass on a weapon in an illegal manner. WTF?? I explained that my BIL was the expert and I was not and I was taking his advice on what to purchase for my own protection. Didn't matter, government regulations and I needed to leave. Wow.

Suffice it to say I went to the store I prefer anyway where my favorite guy was at the counter and got what I wanted without issue. He is a nice older man and he helped Santa with the great rifle for Bug at christmas.

I really love that my little 5'4" self looks like an evil suspicious villain. Maybe I should cast me as the bad guy of my next book just to shake things up. Dumbnuts.


  1. Or... you weren't the right ethnic variety... Just sayin...

  2. Sad day when being white is a reason to make my life difficult. I hate this valley of stupid.

  3. Yeah, when a simple conversation with you could have easily resolved the questions in their mind. I do fraud risk for a living and know that a couple of simple questions can flesh out a situation in either direction. On the bright side, congrats on the purchase! On a quick side note, check your length of pull on the stock. I notice you stated you are 5'4" and stock length has a considerable affect on felt recoil. This will increase your enjoyment considerably over the long haul. Enjoy!

  4. My point exactly 45er. And thanks for thinking of my little brittleness. I guess the plan is to fiddle with it somehow. Still all greek lol. I am glad to learn and will remind them tweaking needs to take my size and FMS into account as they help me figure it all out.

  5. Maybe you should've said the ATF said you could. ;)

    Regarding being 5'4, having FMS, and shooting a 12 GA, maybe look into one of those buttsock pads from Wally World... May help. Or invest in LOTS of Ibuprophen for range trips... LOL

  6. Hahaha. Tincan as I climbed into my truck I noticed no sign posted. I could have OCed. Really freak out the gun clerk then lol.

    Luckily I think it is backup to my 9mm. So while I very much plan to be proficient it will be in a different part of the house for emergency while my 9 is usually a lot easier access. A pad would be nice though. I am sure neither guy thinks about my FMS still. Even in handgun my hubby forgot it and that I am left handed.

    Would a different size be better for me? We want multiple shotguns so I can always make this one not primarily mine.

  7. Nice choice in scatterguns. I have a short barrel Mossberg 500 (military and police model), and have taken a fair amount of pheasants and grouse with it.

  8. And that Bob is one of the other reasons we chose this one. Or the men did anyway LOL.

  9. I believe I would see the manager and lodge a complaint. I've worked in gun stores plenty over the years and what they told you is plain nonsense. I seriously doubt the owner knows this type of thing is going on.

  10. My brother in law was ticked. I really considered complaining but I think he was a manager. Oh well. I got my gun. He can eat worms.


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