Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some great advice for women.

If Women of Caliber isn't on your blog list and you are new to firearms and female it should be. Kellene Bishop is fabulous at providing info in a no-nonsense way. She posted a great post today after an pretty crappy event occurred in Salt Lake last night. An armed man went to rob a gas station attached to a grocery store. When the clerk said they had no money he sent the clerk into the store for some giving the clerk time to call 911. Then a woman drove up to buy gas. He not only robbed her but he forced her to drive him to another location where he sexually assaulted her and then forced her to yet another location to drop him off. Kellene uses this event to discuss ways to protect yourself in a similar situation with or without a firearm. It is a very good read.


  1. Good post, good points, but you have to PRACTICE with what ever your defensive tool of choice is...

  2. Very very true!!! The adage that practice makes perfect works for a reason!

  3. Yes, yes, yes. Practice and train and carry it WITH you and ON you. I'm getting my wife trained up and she's just gotten her CHL. Now to just get her in the habit of constant carry. Also, the mental training is important. Break through those mental barriers of using a firearm on someone before you're faced with the situation.

  4. That kind of story usually winds up with searchers finding the woman in a ditch or a pond.

  5. 45er mental prep is such a big thing. My mom lives in a bad part of town and I have recommended at least having shells for one of my grandfathet's old shotguns and keeping it handy. She said she can't imagine using it. For a while I was more her thinking than my husband but the more I think of it and look at situations like these the more I become okay with using deadly force to protect myself and my babies.

    Hermit you are right. This could have been worse.


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