Sunday, August 7, 2011

Music is my passion.... well....

Words are my passion. When they flow from me as the scene unfolds it is sheer joy. Music helps with that. Over the course of my editing my very helpful friends helped me discover a gap in the book. Mr. Bad had a missing piece. Why was he the way he was? I hinted at it but didn't explain it and other than the first chapter Mr. Bad was not to be seen again until chapter 13. Granted the first 12 Chapters covered only a few days but still. Once the gap was found I had to solve it. Obviously I knew why he was satan and why we had 12 chapters cover a week and then jumped forward a few weeks in time. The reader had no idea and we needed to cover that. So write I did. I added a nice chunk to chapter 6 from Mr. Bad that explained the questions my team raised. Then I added a chapter between 11 and 12 that answered a few more questions and helped with the leap forward. The chunk was about 900 words and it seemed to take all day to write. I wrote it on my laptop, downstairs, during all the mommy, wifey, Lila day stuff. Ugggg...... It took ages. I worried it was choppy and weird but my team loved it. Today I tackled the new chapter. They haven't read it yet since I just put it up for them but it was 1900 words and it flowed. I wrote it on my PC. My beautiful dual screen beauty with music streaming from Pandora in the background. Oh it was bliss. It was a small chapter but it did what I wanted it to do and in 2 hours the words cascaded out. I wasn't even sure when I sat down what was going to happen, just that 2 vital points needed to be addressed. Why was our hero avoiding our heroine? AND why had a talk not happened that had been alluded too all book long? Answered both. Beautifully. I think anyway, lol. The music helped with that, being in my space helped with that. I have been trying to edit with the kids around and that just ends with me feeling frustrated. This worked better. Yay!!! Lila found her groove!


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