Sunday, August 28, 2011


No, I didn't get fired. You have to have a paying job in order to get fired. Everything I do, I do as a volunteer.
I am trying to work up the ambition to do some canning today. I have a huge amount of green beans that need to be processed. I also have several large cucumbers that I am thinking about turning into relish. They are too big for pickles so dill relish it is. I have eight tomatoes with five or so more that will be ready tomorrow. My jalapeno plant is producing pretty well...for it's size. My peppers were really small plants this year and i didn't get much off them. I think I will have to buy some peppers but I plan on making salsa once my tomatoes really get going. If I get enough, I also want to do spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce and stewed tomatoes. Hrmmm, I might have to buy more tomatoes too, lol.
I had a bunch of peas I was going to can...but I ate them. The corn is alive with bees so we should get a good harvest there as well. My cucumbers are going to go bonkers here in about a week (?). The onions are getting really big too. I am going to have tons of fun with the garden this year. My kitchen is most likely going to look like a war zone from now until November though. Oh well, Hubby will just have to get over it. Think a loaf of zucchini bread will help?


  1. We canned plums today. Apples are next. Have fun! I have never tried relish before. Maybe I'll give it a try too.


  2. A loaf of zucchini bread, or some of the peach butter my wife made yesterday, can make a man forget a bunch of things...

  3. RW, relish is pretty extensive. It's not HARD, just a lot of time.

    Greg, the zucchini bread did the trick. He was actually not at all disturbed by the mess.


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