Monday, August 8, 2011

Today is "sneak some zucchini onto your neighbors Porch" day!

I had never heard of this until last week. I have four zucchini in my fridge and four on the vine that are ready. It's not much, but I figure I can give two to a neighbor across the street and two to one of Hubby's friends who is loving our produce. I wish I had bushels I could give to the whole neighborhood but our weather was so weird this year we got a very late start to our growing season. If by chance someone drops a bag full of zucchini on YOUR porch, let me know. This seems to be a really fun "holiday" that I could really get into.


  1. If I leave you my address in Colorado, would you leave some on my porch too?

  2. I never heard of such a thing, but it seems a decent idea. Unfortunately, I doubt anyone will go all the way up to my place to leave me anything.

  3. AH,
    I don’t think I would put any fruits or veggies on your porch. I wouldn’t even leave any in your mailbox. From the motion detectors and the pic of what has to be Grizzly Adams with a shotgun, I have decide to give you and yours a wide berth when I visit the US east of the Mississippi River.
    Unless all of that is a façade, and you are really a 21 year old computer geek living in your mom’s basement, playing Halo 3 during the day instead of getting a real job. Then you get veggies and an application to McDonalds.

  4. Mudbug, nah, I'm pretty much who I seem to be. But I'd never shoot anybody just for wandering on my land. :-) I'm actually a very peaceful sort, having worked out all my aggressions as a young guy in the Marines. I just like to know when somebody or someone is dropping by, that's all.

  5. I have to admit, if I were "sneaking" some zucchini onto your porch and all of a sudden lights came on and someone came running up on me with a gun in their might get more than produce on your porch. :-)

  6. LOL Gracie!!

    I have done that.. had to resort to nightly bag drop offs when neighbors started getting skittish. I had about 16 zucchini plants that were out of control, so I shared them and the blossoms. At first they are happily received, but over time.. not so much. At the end of the season I just let them finish up and get huge. We let the kids carve them up for Halloween.

    Had I known Mudbug.. I was in Aurora.. I could have kept you well stocked!


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