Thursday, May 7, 2009

About dang time!

So good news all you crime watchers. Drew Peterson has been indicted on murder charges in the homicidal death of his 3rd wife.

Now when Stacy first disappeared I was willing to believe she had just ran off. I would never leave my kids but other women do it every day. When I learned she was his 4th wife I figured there was a reason these women divorced him.

The it came out that his 3rd wife died in a weird way. When her body was exhumed and a new autopsy was performed it was ruled a homicide. Then my imagination picked it up more. Murdered 3rd wife, missing 4th. Something is hokey here.

Then he has this girlfriend who is younger and moves in. Weird but good for him, just hope she is the "one" and not in danger. THEN it comes out that his "engagement" is basically a lie. OMG

How much more can the man do before he gets arrested? Thank Heavens some cops finally saw reason and arrested him!

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  1. Your site has been bringing me good news today. That new girlfriend of his is an idiot. I am not saying she deserves to get killed (maybe she will now avoid this fate) but I am saying that when it happens she should not be suprised.


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