Thursday, May 14, 2009

priorities and unfinished projects

I have been told I am a very crafty person. I certainly have my share of unfinished crafty type projects laying around so I suppose that is true. My problem is, I have a strong sense of priorities. (at least when it comes to projects. Cleaning my house, not so much)

I make dog sweaters for our local rescue. I have gotten to where I pump out a few of those in a day. I finally got enough that I was satisfied that no poor little dog was going to go without a sweater if his owners were willing to buy him one.

I then started making hats thinking I could have one for every member of my extended family, including all 34 nieces and nephews. Well I got three of those made before I realized I had 2 afghans to make for nephews' weddings. They of course too priority since both weddings were in June and I didn't have to have the hats until sometime this winter. So I now have one afghan half finished and bought the supplies for the other

I then realized I needed to make something for my sons birthday which was yesterday so that took priority. We had ordered him some coyote calls in the shape of baseball bats so I wanted to make him a lanyard to hold them.

Before I could make the lanyard, I had to learn how to tie one, so I bought some cord and learned how to tie it by making a leash. Which of course isn't done because I had to work on the lanyard for the boy.

Somewhere in all the middle of this, (I have no idea at exactly what point in this time line) I agreed to make some dishcloths for Maggy. I also started making a bag for my mother out of old grocery bags. And I believe somewhere in between dog sweaters and hats, I started to knit a sweater for myself. (I wanted to learn to make something that could actually be helpful if the SHTF. I could keep your dog and your head warm but that was about it)

So now I have all my projects here in front of me, I am even more overwhelmed. But at least I know now where to start and which projects need to be finished first. The lanyard is done (whew), the first afghan is half finished. Next will be the other afghan. After that will be Maggy's dishcloths and my mothers bag. The rest I will do when I feel like it. So if I don't post or comment for a while, chances are I am in hiding until I finish something!

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  1. It seems like you have a little bit of project ADD. I understand how that goes. Still all looks like nice stuff. Knitting is a good skill.


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