Friday, May 29, 2009

Could be good or could be bad news!

So I am on my pilgrimage to the desert and have not been in contact with the world much except for phone calls to Gracie and Maggy. Anyway so last night I got to my Mom's house and we were talking about this lauded blog. (Yes may be only lauded by the 3 of us but a girl can dream!) I was talking about how I tend to be the hot topic blogger of the group. That led to talking about Drew Peterson which led to my mom telling me that the body they found was ruled to not be either Stacey or Lisa. I am undecided on if this is good news or bad news. It is good because that leaves the chances open that either woman is safe but bad because still we have no answers and with Drew Peterson up for murder charges the fact that Stacey is missing is not a very hopeful thing. I just hope that when the body is identified it will bring closure to another family that is in desperate need.


  1. I think Drew is going to go away for a long time on the whole wife 3 thing. Sober adults don't drown in 3 inches of water.

  2. I am agreeing with you TOR. It seems a bit obvious o me hat this was not an accident.


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