Sunday, May 10, 2009


SALEM, Ore. – A father was accused of using a dog shock collar on his four children. Salem Police Lt. Dave Okada said the 41-year-old man was jailed Tuesday on charges of criminal mistreatment. He said the father acknowledged putting the electronic dog collar on his four children and shocking all of them at least once.
According to Okada, the father didn't do it as a punishment. Rather, he thought it was funny.
The children, all younger than 10, are in the custody of their mother.
The case has been referred to state Department of Human Services

Holy Cow! I joke about doing this sometimes but, seriously, you don't actually DO it! Really funny, dude, really funny. I hope his cell mate has a similar sense of humor.

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  1. Yeah that is pretty messed up. You are not supposed to hurt your children at all and that he considered it funny is pretty sick. You just can't do that. I do think it would make for a funny picture (if you took the batteries out)though. The wrong person getting that would be huge problems though.


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