Sunday, May 24, 2009

Desert Prep!

So we are moving from the rainy country to the desert. Yay! (Not really but what can you do?) This move is fabulous for the Hub's career so it is worth it. Anyway he is already there and he called me to say that I need to go shopping. My capri pants are not cool enough I need shorts. Buy a cooler for the drive so you have cold water to drink. Buy baby sun screens for the car windows even though I have tint to reduce the impacct of the sun. Get lots of sunblock for the girls and I. He even bought himself shorts which is a miracle. I have been trying to get him into shorts for years. He bought sandals too. It is a whole new hubs lol. Who knew so much went into moving to the desert?


  1. Fort Huachuaca? I think being stationed out in the desert would be fine. I went to school in Albuquerque for four years and really enjoyed the open space and tranquility of the desert.

  2. I am happy because of all it means for Hubs and I love the change. I am a wanderer so it works for me. I am not looking forward to the heat but am excited for a new place!


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