Sunday, May 24, 2009

(Sort of) Lazy Weekend

Seems like everyone has checked out (physically or mentally) for the weekend, myself included. My dad had to head out of town for the fam-bam buisness so I'm chilling with my grandpa and watching bad re-runs. Really I have about 85 blogs in my head I need to get out, but I just can't get together enough motivation to do anything.

The Boy and I hit the farms market, and I picked up some apples (even though I have too many already) some asparagus, and some meat from the local butcher. I grabbed 2 london broils, a pound of stew meat, and a pound of ground buffalo. I haven't tried to cook buffalo before, but I've heard it's amazing. Maybe I'll track down an interesting recipe this weekend or I could always just smack out some burgers. Actually, I take it back. No burgers because Ryan the 3L broke my Weber last week.

I'm taking a crack at Monkey Bread today, so expect a post on that soon.

1 comment:

  1. Never eaten buffalo. Moose is pretty good though, real lean and not gamey.

    I always have a bunch of stuff in my head that I haven't gotten the motivation to type yet.


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