Monday, May 4, 2009

Prepping the Preps

So today I caught a bit of a cleaning/baking/prepping bug. The house is clean, my Wifey bread is on it's second rise, and my cupboards are bare. Seriously, I'm guessing I have a least $150 worth of boxed food type items on my kitchen counter. Probably more.

I found a lot of the usual suspects: Pasta Roni, Mac & Cheese, microwave popcorn. I also found some things that sort of befuddle me. 2 types of Jello my son is allergic too, 6 boxes of potatoes au gratin, and about 85 various seasoning packs. Not to mention several bags of Shrimp flavored Top Ramen. Not only do I not eat Ramen, I don't like seafood.

Since the 2 weeks worth of groceries I bought in case of the flu that dare not speak its name (thanks Hermit) are still sitting in the corner of my dining room, I think it's time to weed through it all and banish some to my newly cleaned out preps area in my garage shelving. I just don't need 4 boxes of white cheese shells in my pantry.

Wish me luck, and I'll update you tomorrow.


  1. Wish I had a garage with shelving. I could have stuff out there and rotating would be super easy.

  2. Stock what you use is always a good idea and if you can eat it (at least some of it) without cooking so much the better.

    That food you found you know you will not eat? Take it to the local food bank, it won't be wasted.

  3. TOR: It does make rotating easier. I was thinking about writing a list of the stuff in my preps and taping to the inside of a counter just to keep track to I don't keep buying cans of sliced carrots when I already have 10.

    Rob: I will probably do that with bigger things like bags of rice, flour or sugar, but most the rest I'm able to go through it's just a matter of time. The jello I can always use, the Boy just can't have any.


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