Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things that make you feel good

The most gratifying thing I do at the moment is working with the rescue. I love taking a dog from certain death at the pound and working on any issues they might have. When we are done with them they are social, healthy, unable to reproduce, and ready for a home.

There are two dogs that I feel even better about than the others. One is a dog that was on a leash being led into the back room of the pound to be put to sleep when I called about her. She is THE BEST dog. My brother adopted her and thinks she is just the greatest thing ever.

The other dog is Hope. Hope was hit by a car when she was 9 weeks old. Her owner knew she was escaping from her yard but was not worried because she only ever went next door. Seriously? She had the dog for ONE WEEK! How does she know what the dog always does? Anyway, I digress. Hope was picked up by animal control bleeding and in pain. She was taken to a local veterinary clinic and I was called. A worker at the pound was hoping I could find a golden retriever rescue to step in and help this puppy. I found two rescues that might be willing to help. In the meantime, the owner was located and claimed the dog. She could not afford the extensive care this dog would need but refused to let anyone else step in and save her. She said she would rather put Hope down than let a rescue take her. It took me almost three days, but I finally convinced her that no one was trying to steal her dog and it was going to cost more in vet bills than any rescue would get in adoption fees. She made everyone wait several more hours while she got primped and made her way to the vets office. When the papers were signed, I was allowed back to take pictures of Hope for the rescue that was going to foot the bill. This is what I saw:

Hope had a crushed pelvis, two snapped femur heads and her tail had been amputated by the car. She went through two surguries. One to fix the legs and pelvis and one to finish the tail amputation. She had 45 stitches on her back legs and rump.

Soon after her surguries she went to another state where the rescue was located. She was adopted by her foster family and is very happy. I got new pictures of her in my email a few days ago and was stunned. She runs and plays and is a beautiful healthy young dog.


  1. Some people should not be allowed to have animals... Thank you for doing the rescue work you do - we need so many more people like you. I just rescued a pitbull/lab mix from the pound a couple weeks ago, and found out from a local vet (who had seen a few of her litter mates) that she came from a pretty bad home. I just wish I knew the home so I could get her mama and her other litter mates out of there. Poor animals - stuck at the mercy of terrible people.

  2. Sneaux, Gracie really is amazing with her rescue work. We tease her sometimes and call her St. Gracie, but she really does deserve the title.


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