Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cooking with food storage

So at our "Survivor" night at church, we learned that you can substitute beans for oil in any baking recipe. You use black beans in chocolate recipes, pinto beans in chocolate chip cookies, white beans for white or yellow cake mixes. Just match the color of the beans to the color of the baked goods you are making. If the SHTF, cooking oil is going to be scarce as it doesn't store well. I bought a case of canned butter that has a 15 yr shelf life, but it is kind of expensive to use in baking. We will save that for special occasions where butter will make the difference in a dish. Beans are a staple in any food storage so they would be plentiful. Who says you can't eat yummy things with food storage? You cannot taste the difference in the cakes or cookies AT ALL. These cookies turned out "cake like" ie: puffy. If you like your cookies more like, well, cookies; use half beans and half oil. Same goes for brownies. Experiment and have fun.


  1. We bought those big cans of olive oil, and they have stayed good. Once you open them, you have to use them up but olive oil seems to last longer than canola oil, sunflower oil, et al.

  2. Do you mean cooked beans? And is there a "rule of thumb" for how much to use? Like use 1/4 cup beans in place of 1/4 cup oil?

  3. Hermit, thats good to know. I still think the bean thing is way cool though, lol.

    Anonymous, You use cooked or canned beans. I just puree the canned beans and you are exactly right with your rule of thumb. 1/4 cup of beans will replace 1/4 cup of oil.


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