Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Wonder of Wifey Bread

I am so thankful for TOR's Wifey. She sent me an amazing bread recipe quite a while back, and it's so easy and amazing I haven't bought any store bread since. I did have one epic bread making fail, but I was on the phone with a friend and spaced and added 1.5 tablespoons of salt instead of teaspoons. It looked alright, but tasted like a salt lick. (That had nothing to do with the recipe, it had to do with my tendency to be easily distracted by things that make noise or have shiny parts. Unfortunately for my bread dough, my phone is both of those things.)

The only issue with the recipe is that it makes two loafs. The Boy and I just can't go through bread that fast. Wifey came up with the ingenious idea to make the second portion into dinner rolls, but I decided Monday night to get a bit tricky. I was making dough anyway, but I had nothing to do with the extra. I called my mom who makes amazing caramel rolls (I'll snag her recipe and post it sooner or later) and asked it I could use the spare dough for those. She said no, but promised to call me with her recipe (she didn't).

So now I'm stuck with extra dough, and a evil craving for caramel rolls. I finally decided to get a bit creative and hopefully fix both problems. Instead of just kneading the bread between the 1st and 2nd rise, I rolled it out a bit (okay I lied, I just mushed it into a rectangle-ish shape) and grabbed my ground cinnamon. I spread a thin layer over the dough, the halved it unto itself. I repeated this a bunch of times (and after the first loaf, I figured out to alternate the direction I folded from to make the pattern more uniform).

I also put a light coating of brown sugar and butter on top of the loaf as it was cooking (I suggest about 1/2 way through, to really satisfy my craving for caramel rolls. If you like a very sweet bread, you can also use a cinnamon/sugar mix for the layers. I love Wifey bread because it's just so darn versatile, so I'm sure I'll have more recipes for you soon.

Oh, and sorry I don't have any pics my camera died. I'll try to update with some later.


  1. It is a pretty darn versatile recipe.

  2. I officially love the Wifey Bread! And I'm trying your cinnamon/caramel roll version with tonight's batch. WOOT!


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