Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Moving is not for the weak minded!

So we will close on our new house in a few weeks. Hubs has gone ahead as he starts work with his new company tomorrow. So I am alone here with our girls trying to get everything ready for the moving company. I can not believe the amount of things on my "To Do" list. Things that have surprised me. You know to pack, to change schools, to fill out change of address but there is so much more. There is insurance switches and utility shut off and turn on, doctors to find, prescriptions to move and fill, Goodwill donations to gather. I am hating doing this alone. Hubs was good enough to help me by packing his tools and personal stuff and he took all my books with him in the truck so that helps with moving expenses but still it sucks. I hate not having him here to help with the dumb stuff. I will be so glad when we are settled in our new place!


  1. When you pack stuff, remember to mark each box with the final location in the new house of where you want it to go.

    This will save a LOT of work.

  2. Moving is really stressful. I think that's because until you get settled in the new place, you don't have anywhere to relax.

  3. Thanks Milton. I have been labeling everything. I tend to do that, lol.


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