Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This pisses me off!!

So I was on twitter and CNN had a tweet mentioning throwing a baby so I followed the link and got this! WTF??? I am so dang sick of hearing about children being treated like garbage. They are our future, they are the reason we are here. I am a firm believer that the 'purpose' of being on earth is to create a new and improved generation each time around. I certainly see my children as the gift that they are. Stories like this make me sick to my stomach. A swift execution would be too good for this man. I say burning at the stake!!!!!


  1. I'm not trying to start a fight but many people see abortion the same way you see this guy throwing a child out the window.

  2. Anyone who would steal a baby from its mother and treat him this way has no place in our society. No place at all. Throwing a baby from a moving car onto a freeway is..... seriously, words fail me. Lethal injection is too swift and painless for people like this.

  3. Gracie, I think the point is that the individual is living outside society - uncultured, unbonded to family, vastly disrespectful of what he knows of community and family.

    That is, disconnected emotionally in a pathological sense. Something all too common among those in prison, or that should be.

  4. "uncultured, unbonded to family, vastly disrespectful of what he knows of community and family."

    Brad K, I am thinking someone should bitch slap his mother! Unless he is a psychopath and its just in his DNA, somone seriously dropped the ball in raising him.


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