Friday, May 22, 2009

Has Stacey Peterson or Lisa Stebic been found?

I find it rather ironic that a week after Drew Peterson was arrested on murder charges pertaining to his third wife the body of his missing fourth wife may have been found. While 2 women have disappeared from the area the fact that a blue barrel was found near this body makes me lean more towards Stacey than Lisa. Either way at least one family will get the closure they deserve. I honestly have always doubted either woman of just walking away. What reportedly good, loving. devoted mother walks away from her children? While these bones lead to a hard answer to a sad question at least a family will get an answer.


  1. Why would a woman marry a guy who had three wives before her anyway? Is there that big a shortage of straight, single men?

  2. I'm positive he killed that poor girl. I just hope they find her body soon so he can spend the rest of his life in prison (or worse!). Even if she did choose to just walk away, why would she suffer to know her family was aching wondering what happened to her. She would have contacted them. There's just too many oddities with that situation.

    Sad as it is, I hope these are her bones so her family can move forward with their grieving processes.

  3. Hermit I think he is apparently a charmer. Plus people have a hard time believing a cop could be bad.

    DTG I really think that's why I think Stacey is dead. She would have contacted someone in her family by now.


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