Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Margarita Scones

One of the recipes I'd been bouncing to Lila and Gracie the last few days were scones that we're quickly dubbed "margarita scones". I'm very picky about what I eat for breakfast. I want a full breakfast (bacon, biscuits, gravy, eggs, bacon, pancakes and bacon), or I want something super light like yogurt. If I eat one of those over-sized muffins or something, I feel like I have a brick in my stomach until after lunchtime.

I really love the combo of salt, sweet and citrus that comes from a lime margarita. It just tastes so clean and refreshing. So I decided to duplicate the taste in baked goods form. I made my basic sweet scone recipe, and added finely grated lime zest to the dry mixture. I cut them into biscuit sized rounds instead of wedges, and baked them just like normal. I let them cool completly, then dipped in a lime royal icing and topped with rough sugar to duplicate the margarita texture.

I'm very pleased with how they came out, and they've given me a ton more ideas for scones! I love scones because they are so easy (a little labor intensive compared to say, cereal) and worth every single bite!

(no Tequila was intentionally harmed in the scone making process)


  1. Those are going to sell like hotcakes, or hot scones, or whatever. They look really good.

  2. So do we get the basic sweet scone recipe?


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