Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't touch!

So this weekend we came home to find a scorpion with its tail pinched in the joints of my garage door. My sons of course want to catch it. I agree because I want to flush it, I don't want it running around the house or yard. So my oldest son gets a container to catch it in but instead of coming back around to the outside of the garage, he opens the door from the inside. The door goes up, releasing the scorpion's tail and it falls ONTO my middle sons head. Talk about excitement! No one was injured, not even the scorpion (at least not until I flushed it) but it certainly made for a frightening few minutes. Oh yeah, did you know scorpions glow in the dark? Yeah, that makes them just that much creepier. I would love to have some info on what to do if you were stung or bitten by some poisonous insect or spider?

1 comment:

  1. Those things are common up here, but we never get them around the house because the chickens look upon them as a great delicacy.


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