Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Topsey turvey tomato update #2

I have a tomato! It's small and so far only one, but the bigger plant is getting lots of blossoms. The bigger plant is doing fantastic. For some reason the smaller plant is not doing so well. I noticed yesterday that despite all the water it has been getting (five days worth of rain running off from the roof and straight into the planters) it is wilting. I am thinking after looking inside the planter today that it is needing more soil. All of the water has packed down and the planter is now probably less than half full. So when I am running errands today I will pick up another bag and hope that helps.


  1. you can overwater tomatoes and kill them

  2. One of the perks of the topsey turvey is that the excess water runs out the bottom making it impossible to overwater. But with the constant rain, who knows, maybe it did get too much.

  3. Plants need a whole bunch of things to grow well but the four main ones are:

    Sun (doesn't apply here)
    Good soil
    Ample water
    Air for the roots.

    You mentioned that the soil in the planter is really compacted. I suggest you need to loosen the soil to allow some air back in and refrain from having water pour directly into the planter from the roof. Roots breath (kinda) and prefer to be moist but not soaked all the time. There is no air exchange in a pot of mud (even though the topsey allows excess water to flow out - not five days worth :-)


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