Thursday, May 28, 2009


This has nothing to do with preps or survival (well maybe) or anything like that. It's just me ranting about my husbands ability to send me into the sketchiest places he can possibly find. I don't know if he thinks this is funny or if he honestly doesn't realize that I would stand no chance if someone decided to rob the convenience store with no lighting and bars on the windows. We traveled to a large city for medical reasons a few years ago and of course got lost. Being a man, hubby refused to ask directions, sending me to do his dirty work for him instead. I gathered myself and walked all 5'2" of myself up to the counter and asked directions. The man behind the steel grate couldn't understand a word of English and simply pointed to someone else wandering the dark parking lot. I took a few deep breaths to calm my thumping heart and walked over to this other random stranger. He had no idea where the hospital was but did know one street on the directions I had printed off from the worthless yahoo maps. We finally made it to the hospital and our hotel in one piece.
So a few weeks ago we decided to take a road trip with the boys. Hubby decided he needed a drink and pulled into a nice, clean, well lit convenience store. Not sketchy at all, right? Wrong. I of course am the one who gets to go in and buy beverages for the whole family. I walk in and half the store is nothing but waist high shelves of booze. Nothing too scary about that, right? Until you notice that displayed on the top of each shelf are knives and SWORDS! Thank goodness the boys were still in the car, we never would have made it out of there without them cutting off at least once finger. As I make my way through all the alcohol and daggers I pass a small stand that was covered by a sheet. They sheet was placed so you could just see past the edge to view all of the DVD's that were there to rent. You guessed it, porn. Now what more could this nice, clean well lit family store have to offer you ask. Why not a guy in a turban sitting behind the counter? Yeah it had that guy too. Actually he was the least scary thing in the room. Very nice and quite polite. But still, could a place be any creepier while still giving the illusion of safety from the street? I think not.
Next time, hubby goes in by himself.


  1. I don't let my wife walk alone in the parking lot at Walmart. Maybe you should become a Mormon and marry me. ;-)

  2. Ha ha ha Hermit you crack me up!


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