Thursday, May 7, 2009

3 yr old survivor

This 3 yr old boy slipped away from his parents and wandered alone in the forest for 2 days. Searchers didn't think they would find him alive. What a tough little boy. Kids are so resiliant they almost scare me at times. He said he was on his way to see Grandma.


  1. He'd have made a tasty morsel for a bear or cougar. Even coyotes can eat a kid that size. He got lucky.

  2. That the kid was found alive makes my day.

  3. When I was 5 I wanted to go see Mamaw right now, not in a couple of hours like my mom wanted. So I started walking the 15 mile route. I picked up a rock to throw at anyone who messed with me. I almost made it to my Mamaw's when an uncle was driving past and saw me walking on the side of the road.
    I had made it 13 miles out of 15.

  4. I used to hop on my bigwheel and follow daddy to work. We lived in the boonies but close enough to a tourist destination to make one of the roads very busy. My Dad would get PISSED. Glad the kid is okay!

  5. Hermit, there are way too many things that could have gone wrong, that kid had ot have had a guardian angel.

    TOR, me too!

    Lweson, that is a very long way for a 5 yr old. How long did it take you? How mad were your parents?

    Lila, I would have tanned your hide lol.

  6. Babe half the time my sarcasm makes you want to tan my hide anyway, lol.

  7. It took me about four or five hours. What was worse was i had a sore on my ankle and no socks on. when my uncle picked me up my shoe was soaked in blood. I dont remember how mad my parents were.


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