Sunday, May 24, 2009


So I read TMZ. I know it is gossipy smut but it is dang fine gossip, lol. Anyway I spied this lovely story and just had to cringe. Ummmm..... Can you say yuck? Seriously he was 12 when they got together. That is soooo gross. If the story was girl meets boy, they fall in love, they have 2 kids, fate seperates them for 7 years, they reunite and marry to live in wedded bliss sounds great. Too bad boy was 12 and it was a prison term to seperate them. I just find this wrong on so many levels!


  1. My thought is that TV ads, the way school curricula have been "liberalized", and the way the infamous Dr. Spock book diverted focus from family wisdom have confused America.

    We have come to confuse the word "romantic" with "marketing". Instead of looking for a life mate among the respectful, honest, honorable, and skilled with consistent cultural values, family history, and spiritual beliefs - we focus on "hotties". We confuse the captain of the football team and lead cheerleader with the person most likely to be a good co-parent and mate.

    We raise kids to participate in beauty contests instead of raising them to value the culture of their grandparents.

    Instead of looking for kids that honor their parents and grow up learning their parent's craft or profession, we tell them to look for the biggest salary.

    We could be teaching kids to look at dating as a courting ritual, to pick their life mate prospect before ever asking out on a date. To consider the person's personality and cultural background, to ask, first, "will this person help me make good babies, and help to raise them in a worthwhile lifestyle?"

    Other times and places have used matchmakers, or parents have arranged marriage. The intent was to make a match based on character and background, expecting that responsible young people could make a family that enriched their community.

    So I can see that a kid can have a crush on nearly any attractive adult. Every time you watch a movie, turn on a TV - or log onto the Internet - you get the message, as loud and clear as advertisers can make it. The commercial message is that you gotta have a picture-perfect status symbol to make life worth while.

    And we don't teach our kids nearly enough, about avoiding the seductive bottom feeders.

  2. When a civilization begins to deteriorate, values are among the first aspects of that society to disappear.

  3. you need to check out - what would tyler durden do - it has the same gist as tmz, but the guy is so funny!!

    pearls :)

  4. Remind me to tell you about the time I met the kid on a plane.


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