Monday, May 4, 2009

Delusional much?

So I have mentioned Casey Anthony a few times. I will probably continue to talk about it until after her trial. I, like many in the country, was riveted by the coverage. I mean how could a mother not report her child missing for 31 days? Why would she be partying if her child was missing? Who was the 'nanny'? What did Casey do for work? Did she drug her baby to death? So many questions arose as each day passed with Caylee missing and no end in sight. Gracie and Maggy can attest that I was consumed by this case in a way no other has affected me. I watched the coverage nightly, praying for a good out come, sensing the worst as each day passed. Then Caylee was found and more questions emerged.

I personally believe she did it. I think she got tired of being a mom and she wanted to be a teen again, partying and responsibility free. I think she should be executed. In my book the worst crime you can commit is hurting a child.

When I read this story tonight I was just shocked. This lawyer seems to be one of the most delusional people ever. Seriously! "'Have a chilling' effect on coverage"? Does he not realize that this is a national case and no matter where the trial is held it will be covered from every angle and picked apart on every news show imaginable? The public wants to hear the truth and they want this woman to face justice. Sure this may be judgmental of me but as I said hurting a child is the worst thing a person can do.


  1. My Wife worked at a halfway like place for seriously messed up kids. I am a cold hearted bitter fuck and some of those stories got to me. I can honestly say I look much more positively (than before) about parents who just neglect their kids. Also unfortunately there are things parents can do that are worse then killing their children.

    All of those parents need to die in the most unpleasant way possible.


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