Saturday, May 9, 2009

Topsey turvey tomato update

So my tomatoes have taken a sharp U turn. Literally. The tops are growing up. Makes sense, but I just wasn't expecting it. You know for that infomercial they took full grown plants and put them in that planter. I hope that when the tomatoes start growing, they don't break the top of the plant off. I guess we shall see. I will also need to put more potting soil in now that its all settled. Will update when there are new developments.


  1. I looked at these platers at the local hardware store, they would be great for the urban balcony garden or others with little space.
    M.D. Creekmore
    The Survivalist Blog

  2. Those do look aweful cool. If our balcony got any consistent sun (E side) I would get a couple of them.

  3. I'm getting a couple soon (just need to find some really) and I'm getting a few just so I can hang them free and clear from grubby little raccoon paws.

  4. I've seen those advertisements but I always assumed that they were nonsense, as are most advertisements. If this works out for you, I might get some for myself. I love tomatoes but it's hard to grow them outside because of all the animals. We could grow something like this in my wife's glass plant house though.


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