Sunday, May 31, 2009

Are women really the paranoid ones?

I don't think so. My Mom and I recently were discussing carry conceal and gun ownership and she had some pretty valid concerns. She referenced a camping trip a chunk of family went on where the manly men seemed to kind of blow up the situation and become a bit more paranoid and how easy it could be to freak yourself out and overreact to a situation. Something I realized though is that all of the over reactions I have encountered where guns are in play has to do with men.

Now I am not man bashing. Heck I am a happily married woman to a very responsible gun owning manly man. I also realize men are programmed to protect the roost whether that is a campsite, a car, or our homes. What gets me is how normally sane smart men can take a situation and all of the sudden we are facing a raid by armed militants in the wilds of Wyoming rather than the dumb kids shooting at signs that were actually present. When in protection mode I think guys see all the possibilities of danger and react to those possibilities rather than taking the time to truly assess a situation. Men are hardwired to see the worst possible scenario and it seems the men I know lose the ability to trust their instincts in situations where it just might help to listen to the female contingent.

Granted there were small children on the trip I mentioned above and I would have absolutely pulled out and loaded the .40 that travels with me at the first sound of gun shots but I also would have remained in my campsite, placed the children in the most protected area and stayed right there to protect the little ones rather than running off to investigate. Curiosity after all did kill the cat.

Yes I know a few men will be able to argue that women are the less logical in tense situations, and I know that can be true, but in my world the men tend to jump to conclusions rather than actually take the time to think things through.


  1. I'm not sure it's paranoia as much as proactive nature you are considering. If I had heard gunfire nearby, I would have gone on out and satisfied myself that the gunfire didn't represent a threat. If you wait until the shooters are in sight of your camp site, you have lost the initiative. I think that fact that more instances of things getting out of hand involve male CC holders is the fact that there must be much higher percentage of male cc types than female.

  2. Women are paranoid in different ways. I think women's paranoia manifests itself about choosing situations they will and will not be involved in while male paranoia tends to be more self protection based.

    For instance I carry a firearm and aside from not being downtown after 9 or so or aimlessly wandering around the projects or crack town don't worry too much. Wifey doesn't carry a gun but will only go to specific places at certain times.

    I probably would have walked over to see what is going on. I remember one time I was going out to go to a real rural campsite and there were some yahoos at the camp randomly shooting their .22's at cans. I was there for maybe 15 minutes before driving away.

  3. You guys are the exceptions. Most men who approach life in a more survivalist mentality are though. The only men in my life though like that is Hubs and possibly portions of his family. My side is more city folk who really don't think along the lines we do as to prepardness and handling situations. That is the type of man I find dangerous with a gun.

  4. Lila, you probably wouldn't want to be around those men if they had a chain saw, either.

    There are human beings, and there are sheeple. The type of folks you are talking about are sheeple. They don't take care of themselves. That's someone else's job. They don't take care of their families, that's why we have police. I don't disagree with your assessment of sheeple at all.

  5. I believe that we men usually want to take care of whatever it is that seems to pose a danger, we move out to face it, moving out to face something dangerous requires us to prepare for a worst case scenario, because if we dont, that worst case scenario may be the end of us. Mostn often it is just kids shooting at cans or some other utterly mundane thing and we get down from our adrenaline high, but when it is bandits shooting at the people in the nextdoor campingsite, that preparation for the worst case pays off.
    //Simon ├ůslund


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