Friday, May 8, 2009

Any Good Recipes?

So, by some insane fluke I managed to get a "tasting" (aka interview) for a local coffee shop to make their pastries and breakfast stuffs. I have some things floating around my head (I've seriously been driving Lila and Gracie insane because I won't shut up about recipes) but I really really want to try out as many things as I can!

Anyone have any tried and true or interesting recipes they'd like to share?


  1. I don't have any. Good luck though!

  2. Check out King Arthur Flour online. They have great how-tos with pictures. Their flour is very good also - not your grocery chain stuff.

  3. TOR: Thanks! I'm sure you'll get to taste some eventually

    Anon: I love their stuff, I bought the bread flour on sale, and haven't gone back since.

  4. My Sunday bread-

    Here is the bread I have been making every week (Sunday) for a long time now, I like it.

    3 cups hot tap water (there is no chlorine in our water)
    2 teaspoons yeast
    7 cups bread flour

    mix these together enough to wet the flour and set aside covered. I usually let it set for 4 or more hours, it gets a good smell.

    After it sets I knead it in the Kitchenaid machine. I do it on as low as it will do it and add 1 teaspoon salt while mixing. Mix it (knead) 8 to 10 min (still on low)
    (I have done this by hand too...)

    After mixing I let it sit for 1 hour, then turn it out on a board and let it rest for 5 min. Then I
    cut and shape it. (2 loaves)
    I either use small pie pans for round loaves or the long french bread shaped loves on a cookie sheet.

    After it's shaped I let it proof for AT LEAST one hour.

    Then I bake it in a pre heated 500 degree (f) oven. (I pre heat it maybe 20 min.) it's in the hot oven for 17 min. I get some great oven spring with the round loaves.

    This is a wet dough so I wet my hands when I handle it, the extra water is not going to hurt it and it won't stick to the wet hands. With nothing but flour-water-yeast-salt you can cook it hot.

    In our new convection oven I pre heat as 'normal' oven and put it in like that. Sometimes I give it
    around 5 min in the normal oven then reset it to convection (still set for 500).

    Good bread.


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