Sunday, April 5, 2009

Adventure at the Farmer's Market

Yesterday morning, had I had some around who would have cared, I totally should have used my Nemo quote. It really was a beautiful day! After months of snow and cold (I get that I'm whining, but this is the PNW. I do rain like a champion) Spring seems to have finally gotten off his lazy butt and came around. The sun was shining and it was warm enough to be hoodie optional weather by noon.

I packed up the Boy early and head down to the Farmer's Market. We (I) had already arranged to meet my mom there, and on my way I called my sister just to see what she was up to. Turns out, she and her fiancee were also walking there (they live nearby) for breakfast, so they decided to hang out as well. My dad even showed up for about 10 mins., but he was gone so fast he wasn't really involved in the adventure.

I was genuinely surprised by the amount of produce already available. Apples abounded, and tons of varieties were available. I saw a few onions and some garlic, and a few stalls with small potatoes. I saw a bunch of starter plants and cuttings, and even and entire stall of just bulbs. Fresh dandelions were everywhere being sold of in large bunches, and I even managed to snag a bouquet of beautiful early white Irises.

In addition to the flowers (which really are beautiful) I grabbed a couple pounds of apples; both Cameos and Granny Smiths. I found a smaller stall run by a local family I'm acquainted with and bought some Spanish Winter Onions and 2 huge bulbs of garlic. I also ended up picking up some D'Anjou Pears with the intent of making pear butter, as well as the planned apple butter.

I ended up making the apple butter and canning the pears, but I will post those blogs later this week. Today, I'm going to take the Boy out and enjoy the sunshine! I will however post some market pictures for your enjoyance!

Golden and Red Delicious Apples (Yum.)

My White Irises.
The guy would sold them was an older gentlemen who called me Sweetheart.
His wife called me Pumpkin, and snuck the Boy a peppermint stick.

Pacific Oysters (Also Yum.)

Assorted Herbs and smell/taste good things

My Irises on the kitchen table!

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  1. Sounds like a good trip. Good weather, fun times and some fresh food.


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