Sunday, April 19, 2009

Year round vrs 9-month schools!

So I am thinking I found a house, though so much remains in the air. Gorgeous with a great layout for us and the kiddos. Nice location. So I decided to look at the schools whose boundaries we would fall into. One is a dual language program. They teach all grades in Spanish and English. The other is a normal program with values I really like. Both are year round. Where we currently are is a 9-month calendar. On one hand I like the thought of year round especially because my eldest is struggling a little with her reading so it would not give her a chance to forget everything. On the other I am worried she will feel overwhelmed with no major time off. I just don't know. I mean most schools are on this year program so we will have to do it and the schools we are closest too are some of the top rated in the state so that's a great thing. I just hope that it works for us. Any dear readers have experience with year round schools? Let me know what you thought about it.


  1. Hi Lila, you do not know me but I am a good friend of Megan's and I felt compelled to put in my input. I attended a year round school in CO for grades 5-7ish and I had a really good experience. The way it was set up was there were four color tracks and any one time three of the four would be in school and the fourth on vacation. So in essence we had 9 weeks of school and then 3 weeks off and then 9 weeks of school again. I recall a pleasant experience probably for the sole reason that we did have to be in school for 9 whole months. On the other hand we also did not have three whole months for summer. It felt a lot like how college feels, you have quarters and by the time the quarter ends, it is such a relief and a source of great excitement and by the time your break is over you are ready for the next quarter. I suppose I never felt as if I was in school forever but I will say the summer break just never seemed long enough either. I was a lot younger so my memory is not perfect but I don't recall ever having trouble with not getting holidays off or not having enough time for them either. We as a family did not travel a whole lot for holidays though so that might make a difference. So all in all I would say that my experience with year round school was really good. I would not say that one is necessarily better than the other, they both have their pros and cons but I would say that year round is really not as bad as it sounds.

  2. I made a mistake in my previous comment, I should have proof-read it over completely. I mean to say that the pleasant experience was that we did NOT have to be in school for 9 months. My bad.


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