Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring break, hrmph, whatever.

So spring break was a bust! We hit stormy weather on out way out of Nevada and it continued the whole time we were in Utah. Seriously, we got sunshine on the way home and by the time we pulled into our driveway, the weather was beautiful.
Anyway, we didn't get to do many of the things we had wanted to do including raiding my mothers cookbooks. I DO have enough to get started as soon as I get my pressure cooker and I will call her and get recipes as I need them. (my mom rocks like that)
Hubby and I went to the families mountain property and picked out a spot to build our cabin. We also got the updated tour of where all the food and other supplies are stored. We also talked to a friend of mine about buying some goats. I have decided that goats are the perfect survival animal. You can milk them, eat them and even use them to pull carts or pack supplies around. The hide can be turned into leather and I was once told by a child genius that goat milk will be the only food not contaminated in case of nuclear fallout. (I would really like to know if that is true. Pretty incredible if it is.)
Coyote hunting was also a bust. We saw road kill deer everywhere and does on the hoof by the thousands (no joke) but nothing had been eaten at all. Weird. We did find a neighbor that has a pet coyote though and so we took the kids and the Hubbies mountain cur down to take a look. The boys were fascinated and Buskshot had exactly the reaction we were looking for. He sniffed the other dogs and immediately moved on. When he touched noses with the coyote he quickly realized this one was different and totally freaked out. It was kind of funny to see the little guy with his hackles up barking and growling like he thought he could really take that yote. I think he is going to turn out to be everything we hoped.
The boys had lots of fun visiting with the grandparents. They also found their limit on the amount of sugar they can handle. Detox commenced this morning.
But anyway, we are home safe and sound. Now off to do the laundry and put the suitcases away.


  1. Buckshot it so cute! He's going to have a blast when he finally gets the hunting part down.

  2. That is a cute dog. Can't wait till we can have one.


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