Friday, April 3, 2009

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

Every morning when I wake up and something exciting is happening I fight the urge to quote Finding Nemo: "Today's the daaay! The sun is shining! The tank is clean! THE TANK IS CLEAN!?" I generally avoid it though because the Boy seems to be the only one who sort of gets the reference, or really cares at all about my early morning utterances. Not to mention he's usually the only one around to hear them...

Anyway I just went insanely off topic. Tomorrow morning I have a date with the Farmer's Market. I plan being there at opening and my mom has graciously agreed to come to help with both herding the Boy and carrying my spoils, so long as I buy her breakfast.

I'm hoping to at least score some nice apples, even though it's a bit early in the season (okay, it's really early for anything fruit-ish, but a girl can dream). I really want to take a shot at apple butter this weekend, and since my new handy-dandy canning machine was so graciously delivered to me yesterday, it just seems like fate. I know I'm going to take a stab at regular strawberry jam soon, but right now the thought of more strawberries in my kitchen makes me want to do things are probably both immoral and illegal.

Either way, it should be a nice day out in the fresh air for the Boy and I.

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  1. We are headed to the Farmers Market tomorrow also. Since it is also a flee market I am going to load up an extra mag for the Glock 9mm. Wifey hopes to find a coop to get involved in. If nothing else some good fruits and veggies would be cool. I guess it is a bit early but down here it is hot enough that I think stuff has been growing.


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