Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Personal Food Storage Battle

The more things I'm doing on my own (in a self-reliance manner) when it comes to cooking, canning, and eating seasonally, the more issues I'm having with my pantry. Every time I buy something new, be it bread flour, regular flour, huge amounts of sugar, salt, etc. the more space I'm having to find. And frankly it's space I don't really have.

I'm lucky in a couple ways. My current living situation has an attached garage, and due to some previous tenants (not sure which ones to thank, but the thanks is there) there is an abundance of shelving that is perfect for storage. And must of it is off the ground which seriously cuts down on potential bad things from creepy crawlers and furred invaders.

I'm unlucky in that seeing as that place I live is older, but not old enough to be of the "make everything yourself days" I don't have a ton of inside the house storage space. I would honestly kill someone (or at least do physical harm) for a walk-in pantry. I like my food where I can see it. And lately since I know I'm going to need large amounts of the basics (see above list of recent purchases) I need to consolidate my wares.

So not only do I need useful small storage, but I need large storage containers that I can have be not only airtight, but also accessible. I want to be able to rotate my storage through my kitchen,a and I'm really only feeding two people so having huge containers of food just isn't justifiable.

Gracie posted about food storage before and since I'm lucky enough to have her as my own personal guru, I've gotten quite a bit of help. But I've moved from the "what might I need" to "what should I get", and Gracie sadly can't just pick a few things and I buy them. I've been cruising a couple sites, and most of them seem to like the Snapware line of products. I've found some for a good price on Amazon.com that I like a lot. As a single mom, I can't go blow a couple of hundred bucks on stuff. I'm going to have to buy in bits and pieces.

Anyone have any recommendations for brands they use and like, or any to stay away from?


  1. Yeah, what sucks about the smaller containers is that you buy a few peices and they fit well into what ever shelving you have and what happens? They discontinue them and you have to start all over again. I HATE that!

  2. Get reasonably sized containers (at least 1 quart) for staples as it often takes a lot of them to make anything and they take a long time to go bad. Pick up a few of those sizes and then maybe think about getting buckets of some kind to keep the balance in.


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