Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sometimes being prepared means throwing something away.

Yup, you read right. Throw it away!! Now I know you are wondering what on earth I, a self-proclaimed survivalist blogger, would tell you to throw out huh? Throw out what you don't use. Seriously if you have an ice tea maker (guilty as charged) that hasn't been used in years, get rid of it. That space is much better with something you will use like that gorgeous new canner! My new rule is going to be that if I have not used it in a year it is going to goodwill. Let someone who will use it gain some use out of it.

I am getting rid of my George Foreman grill. I love it and it works great, when I only had the Hubs and I or the Hubs, Bug, and I to cook for. Now I cook for at least 6 people a night so the itty bitty grill makes cooking take longer rather than being a helpful tool. The ice tea maker is going too. I actually prefer sun tea anyway and since I am moving to a desert I will get pleanty of sun to make it with.

Also I know I keep clothes for way too long. If it has not been worn in ages and the fabric can't be used for scraps then donate it. Someone else can get some use, you get a tax write off, and you make room in your closet.

So declutter, make room for the things you use and need and trust me you will feel better too!


  1. Definitely chuck the tea maker. Do keep in mind that they make a bigger "family sized" george foreman grill. Not sure if it is big enough to cook for 6 in one round but could be worth thinking about.

  2. Thank TOR! I seriously have no idea why I bought it, lol.


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