Tuesday, April 21, 2009

topsey turvey

I ordered a couple of these things online a week or so back. Of course the next day I find them at our local Walmart, go figure. Anyway they came in the mail and today I bought two tomato plants to put in them. It's pretty simple to set up and get going. We will see how well the tomatoes do. You get three basic parts; the topsey turvey itself (going to refer to it as TT), and two pieces that will form the lid.

You are supposed to use seedling plants but of course I was impatient and bought plants that were almost grown. I had to gather the leaves and gently push them through the opening in the bottom of the TT. I did good and only broke one branch on the biggest plant. You then add the dirt. I found that the 8qt bag fills the TT almost to the recommended depth.

Use the hook they sent with it or something equally strong. It gets HEAVY at this point. Put the green ring part of the lid on the top and line up the wire hangers in the slots. (If you buy this you will understand) Hang the TT and put the other lid part on lining up the slots with the slots on the ring part. Congratulations! You have an upside down garden!

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  1. I saw those on the TV. Will be interested in how they work out for you.


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